Easter Tablescape... Welcome to the 84th Tablescape Thursday!

Tonight I'm delighted to share a beautiful Easter tablescape created by my good friend, Pinky. The candles are all lit...come right on in and have a seat...

Pinky created a centerpiece using beautiful faux tulips. She elevated them using a lovely cake plate...great idea for when you would like a little height in your centerpiece.

The centerpiece is surround by a darling feather wreath...

Every Easter tablescape needs a sweet bunny!

Sooo cute...love their floral necklaces...

Pinky didn't miss a single detail...do you see the place card holders? :-)

Beaded Easter egg napkin rings tie in beautifully with the tablecloth and napkins.

Love the salt and pepper shaker!

Tulips on the sugar and creamer work beautifully with the tulip centerpiece...

What a cute bowl...I can think of so many uses for this piece!

How would this table setting look with a few little changes and a change in the tablecloth? Want to see? :-)

Looks very different, doesn't it?

Love the woven chargers and polka dot plates. I couldn't pick a favorite...I love it both ways!

I think Pinky should use one tablescape for Easter dinner and the other one for Easter supper...they are both absolutely beautiful!

Bunny Plates: Christmas Tree Shops, last year
Beaded Napkin Rings: HomeGoods
Bunny Place Card Holders: Christmas Tree Shops
Chick Votive Holders: Christmas Tree Shops
Napkins (both patterns): HomeGoods
Ceramic Bunnies: Gift from Pinky's daughter years ago
White Tablecloth: Boscovs
Polka Dot Plates: Christmas Tree Shops

Pinky, thank you so much for sharing your wonderful Easter tablescape! :-)

Looking forward to seeing all your beautiful tablescapes!

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Blogging Bloopers Party, 2010

Welcome to the first ever Blogging Bloopers Party...a party where we poke a little fun at ourselves and share some of the unplanned "stuff" that happened during this past year of blogging.

I didn't realize until I actually started putting this post together, but all my blogging bloopers seemed to have centered around tablescapes. I am proud to announce I didn't set a single thing on fire this past year! See, I'm making progress! ;)

However, I did discover it isn't the best idea to leave napkins out on the porch overnight before taking pics of a tablescape. I put this "Alice in Wonderland" table setting together one evening but decided to wait until the next day when the light was better to take photographs. During the night, a huge storm came and I awoke to find the humidity had caused all the nicely pressed napkins to "melt" right over the plates.

I started to take the candy napkin rings off and iron all the napkins again, but I quickly discovered the napkin rings had begun to dissolve in all the humidity during the night and they literally crumbled apart at the slightest touch. When I removed them after taking pics, there were little candy spots on all the napkins. Moral of this story...if a rain storm is coming, take in the napkins and the napkin rings if they are made from real food! At least I found them before the ants did! :) (You can see more of this Alice in Wonderland tablescape HERE.)

Moving right along to our next oops...one afternoon I decided to create several mini tablescapes on the bistro table out on the deck. It was 185 degrees outside that day...yes, it was! It was soooo hot, I eventually had to slide the patio table with the large umbrella over to the bistro table to partially shade me and the table so I could snap some pics with out succumbing to heat stroke. Now that's tablescaping dedication! ;)

At one point, I stopped and ran inside for about 5 minutes, probably to get some water. I returned to find this! The heat was so intense it had melted the candle inside my beautiful Colonial Candle Hurricane lantern. I didn't exactly share that part with you when I showed the tablescape in a post. ;)

This was another tablescape I created during that same insanely hot day out on the deck. A reader noticed later that I had placed the flatware on opposite sides of where it actually goes. This is what happens when I stand on one side of the table and set the other side by reaching across the table. LOL Plus, the heat had completely fried my brain by this point!

I'm sure we've all done this...taken all our pics not realizing we never lit some of the candles on our table...until we are actually sitting down to create the post. At least it was the small ones I forgot to light. (You can see more of this tablescape HERE.)

This was the infamous "ant" blooper, the one depicted on our party button. I created a tablescape using Mikasa's beautiful Modern Butterfly china. For the centerpiece, I combined store bought flowers with a sedum, called 'Autumn Joy' I had growing in my garden. Apparently, the Autumn Joy came into my home with lots of 6 legged friends attached.

Once I began taking pics, I discovered the little hitchhikers. They began popping up everywhere, including on the rim of the globe covering the candles. Think of them as live, moving accessories...at least they coordinated with the color scheme! :) (You can see more of this tablescape HERE.)

I've been saving the best, or should I say worst, for last. I came across this absolutely gorgeous Paula Deen Christmas tablescape online one day. You know how I LOVE to create tablescapes that have a touch of whimsy or fantasy to them...so a moss covered table with magnolia chargers sounded like something I absolutely HAD to try!

I was so excited to see Paula's Christmas china was one I actually have and love, Lenox, Winter Greetings. It was a sign...I had to try a moss tablescape! I searched and searched for sheet moss, the type of moss used on Paula's table, but whenever I could find it (like at Michael's) it was kind of expensive...and I need a lot to cover the whole table.

So, just imagine how excited I was when I came across moss in the dollar store for...you guessed it...only $1 a bag. I was so excited, I bought 20 bags just to make sure I had enough. In the end, that turned out to be about 9 bags too many. I only used 11 bags to cover my table. I put down large plastic bags on the porch table and sprayed the bags with an adhesive so the moss would stick really well. Then I got busy creating the tablescape.

Isn't it beee-u-ti-ful?! Looks just like the Paula Deen table doesn't it? NOT!!! :) Paula's was all nice and green...and fuzzy.

Mine looked like bad 1970's shag carpeting! HA! ;)

I didn't want the flatware to touch the moss, even though it was completely dry and sterilized, so I placed the forks in a crossed design on the plates. I placed the knife and spoon on whimsical garden angels I had found months before in Dollar Tree. For coasters, I used little clay garden signs with whimsical gardening messages carved into them. Cute idea, right?

Until you looked closer. Yep, shag carpeting!

So this was the tablescape I never posted. I shared it with my sister and a few trusted friends that I swore to secrecy...right Bill and Kathleen? ;) Now that it's out here on the Wild, Wild Web, they can't use it to blackmail me some day. ;) LOL

So, that's just a few of my bloopers for 2010. I'm sure there are lots more, but these were the ones I thought to save pics of during the year. Can't wait to see your bloopers for 2010! Start saving your blooper pics for 2011 so you can join in the fun next January! :)

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Blogging Bloopers Party...Sharing Our Goofs and Gaffes

It's almost time for our Blogging Bloopers Party.

InLinkz (linky tool) will go up this evening before 9:00 PM, so please stop by later this evening or tomorrow and link up YOUR Blogging Bloopers post highlighting some of your funny and maybe not-so-funny, moments during this past year of blogging. I've had serveral and I'm going to put a paper bag over my face and show you a table I created but was too embarrased to ever post for Tablescape Thursday. If I had posted it, it would have been nicknamed the "shag carpet" table. ;) Yep, it was that bad! Tonight, I'm sharing the shag carpet table with you...and I may never live it down! My reputation will be ruined! ;)

My Gaffes from 2009:
To get you in the mood for this year's Blogging Bloopers Party, I'm reposting my confessions 2009 blooper's post that ran last January 2010. It highlighted all my gaffes for 2009. That post received so many fun comments, I just knew we had to have a Party this year to celebrate all out blogging goofs and mishaps. :) I'm looking forward to reading about your boo-boos during this past year. In the meantime, here's the repost of some of mine from the year 2009.

To warm you up for tonight...here's a repost of last year's Blogging Bloopers at BNOTP... Posted Originally on January 2nd, 2010:

So, you've been thinking things always go perfectly here on the porch. Right? Well, I hate to burst that bubble, but.......NOT BY A LONG SHOT! :-) You know those out-takes they always show you in the theater, right after you've just finished watching a movie? I thought it might be fun to share a few "out-takes" from my blogging life here on the porch.

You may remember this "Garden Party" tablescape? It turned out to be one of my favorites. I especially loved this pic capturing the deep-blue night sky contrasting against the dark shadows of the trees and the bright colors in the tablescape.

But what you didn't see was me prying the faux flowers off the top of the greenhouse when it was time to take the tablescape apart the next day. Yep, I fused those babies right to the top of the greenhouse with the candles I had burning inside. (LOL) Not only were they fused to the the greenhouse, but they were fused to each other! :-) (To view this post, click HERE .)

Then there's the occasional picture that's just perfect, well, all except for that glass that's completely out in left field. Note to self: after taking a closeup, move the stemware back to where it actually belongs. :-) (To view this post, click HERE.)

Then there was the time I created a series of small tablescapes on a silver tray...

And in the process...

Tried to catch the wreath on fire. :-) Yes, I did.

See that little brown singed spot to the right of the flame...clipped it right off and all was good. :-) (Click HERE to view those tablescapes.)

Really, there are so many I could share from hitting "publish" by accident before a post was even close to being finished to adding a song to my playlist with a word that was definitely NOT in the radio version. (Scroll down to the bottom for the playlist to hear this song.)

Example: "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt...when you hear it on the radio, he sings, "She could see from my face that I was flying high." Well, I found out the hard way that "flying" is not the word he uses on 99% of the Playlist versions. YIKES! I'm pretty sure I set a land record streaking across my office to my computer to get it off my Playlist that day. They do have a "clean" version on the Playlist site, nooooow. That's the version you'll find posted on my playlist today. Whew!

So, there you have it...just a few of the "Bloopers of 2009" here on the porch. Now I want to hear yours! :-) Even if you aren't a Blogger, feel free to share some of your tablescaping faux pas. And if you are a Blogger, what were some of your 2009 Blogging Bloopers? Come on...you know you had some! :-)

Click HERE to read the comments left on this post...they are quite funny!

See you tonight for the start of the linking for our January 1, Blogging Bloopers Party!

Christmas Tablescapes... Welcome to the 71st Tablescape Thursday!

(If pics appear to be cut off on the right side, please adjust your screen resolution to the highest setting.)

It's time for Tablescape Thursday and this is our very last TT for the year 2009. Are you looking forward to 2010? I believe 2010 is going to be an awesome year...I just feel it down to my bones. :-)

This past Met Monday, I took you on a Christmas Home Tour through Tricia's lovely, historic, Victorian cottage. During the tour, I teased you with a glimpse of her tablescape and I promised to share it with you for Tablescape Thursday. Were you wondering what the curved white object was...the one just visible in the pic below?

It's her beautiful centerpiece...a lovely Christmas swan. Tricia, if you see this, please leave a comment and tell us more about your swan centerpiece.

Tricia actually had two beautiful tablescapes awaiting her guests. I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite...loved them both! I'm crazy about her brown and white transferware!

She cleverly used her beautiful ironstone/creamware collection as a centerpiece. I wish I could have taken some closeups, but on these tours, there just isn't any time for close-ups. (Click on the pic to enlarge for a better view.)

I think I know what we are having for dessert...just look what I found in Tricia's kitchen. :-) Sinful, totally sinful...and I LOVE it! :-) To see more of Tricia's beautiful home, click HERE to view that post.

I took pics whenever I could...but unfortunately, picture taking wasn't allowed in all the homes. Pretty much every home on the tour had a tablescape in the dining room. This beautiful table setting with a "Twelve Days of Christmas" theme, awaited us in another home on the tour.

Love the pear place card holders. Do you see the long mirror used in the centerpiece? It really magnifies the sparkle of the lights.

A view from the end...I think this is probably the "Partridge in a Pear Tree" salad plate...

Similar view as above, but I captured a bit of the wonderfully decorated chandelier...

A tablescape in one of the other homes on the tour...sorry about the blurriness. Since part of the tour was a "candlelight" tour, the homes were often dimly lit...plus, I had to hurry along to avoid holding folks up. Sorry to keep whining, but these blurry pics are killing me. (LOL) Isn't the centerpiece wonderful?

Here's a little close up of the figural napkin rings used in the above tablescape.

A casual breakfast room tablescape in another one of the homes on the tour...cute way to display the flatware.

As we wrap up the Christmas season, I have a few more holiday tablescapes to share. Toni graciously shared a few pics of her beautiful table setting. Love the mugs and the plaid napkins!

Each guest received a Christmas cookie cutter to take home. :-) Darling salad plates!

Close-up of her whimsical centerpiece with a mouse on an acorn sled...adorable! :-)

Toni, thanks so much for sharing your Christmas tablescape!

Bonnie shared several of her beautiful tablescapes from Christmases past...

Cute ornament place card holders...

China is Christmastime by Nikko...

Darling centerpiece...has to be Fitz and Floyd!

Bonnie can do whimsical and she can do elegant! This icey tablescape matches the icey sleet that's falling outside my window right now...

Stunning! Even her flatware has that snowy, icey feel...

Love the silver chargers and the napkin rings...

A whimsical candle holder...don't the candles look like real ornaments?!

Bonnie and I share a love for Lenox, Winter Greetings china. She created two different tablescapes with this pattern...note the centerpiece in this tablesetting with the green damask napkins...

I'm so coveting these plaid chargers...

And here's a completely different look with the same china...

Pretty red napkins and champagne flutes...

Bonnie, thanks for sharing your wonderful tablescapes!

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